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Trade association releases bilingual maquila news site

By Steve Taylor
Rio Grande Guardian

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas – INDEX Reynosa, the trade association for maquila plants in Reynosa, has launched a new website aimed at disseminating positive news to the general public and the media, in addition to its membership.

The website,, is available in English as well as Spanish. INDEX Reynosa spokesman Aldo Hernandez said this is because most managers at the plants prefer to get their news in English.

“Originally, we were thinking of putting out a new monthly newsletter, not just for members but for the general public and the media. But then we thought, there is so much information to announce about the industry, both nationally and locally, that it would make more sense to have a new, improved, website,” Hernandez told the Rio Grande Guardian.

“At the moment we are updating the website every week but in the near future I can see it being updated every day. There is a lot of good information to disseminate. For example, many maquila firms do a lot of work in the community. You would be surprised how much they do. They clean the streets around the factory, they clean the plazas, they try to make the city more beautiful. We want the public to know about this.”

A top story on the new website right now, which was filed by Notimex, quotes Angel Ortiz Salazar interim secretary of economic development and tourism in Tamaulipas, as saying foreign direct investment (FDI) in Tamaulipas could reach to more than $847 million in 2016.

“The achievements in foreign investment are the result of the close relationship between employers, agencies, developers and federal and municipal governments to raise awareness in Mexico and the world of the competitive advantages of Tamaulipas,” Ortiz Salazar told Notimex…

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