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Florida House Committee passes Arizona copycat bill

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TALLAHASSEE — – After a heated debate in the House Economic Affairs Committee,
the controversial immigration bill HB 7089, sponsored by Rep. Snyder, was approved. It was a close call with 11 votes in favor and 7 against, including two Latino Republican Representatives, Jeanette Núñez and Frank Artiles.

The debate, which began at 9 a.m., was marked by widespread opposition from across
Florida. Although several of the provisions contained in HB 7089 are similar to those enjoined by Federal Courts in Arizona, Representative Snyder insisted that his proposal is different from Arizona’s SB 1070.

“The key difference Snyder keeps talking about is not a difference at all. This bill is a
straightforward Arizona copycat bill,” stated Subhash Kateel, from the Florida Immigrant Coalition.

HB 7089 makes being undocumented a misdemeanor and authorizes police officers to question the immigration status of anyone who is”reasonably suspicious” of being undocumented.

200 Floridians from across the state traveled to Tallahassee to …

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