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Hispanic Women Bring Beauty Bar to Pensacola

By Joslyn Rosado
La Costa Latina

PENSACOLA, FL — Beauty, fashion and fitness are brought to Pensacola in the form of a bar by two Hispanic women.

Bonnielee Cuevas, Puerto Rican and Dominican, along with sister Jandy Tineo, Dominican, opened Pink Couture Life Headquarters and Beauty Bar in downtown Pensacola on Aug. 2.

“I’ve been in the beauty, fashion and fitness industry for 10 years now,” Cuevas said. “I wanted to open something really unique and fun for women who can come and feel really great about themselves and empower them.”

The beauty bar has a menu where the client can choose a look that corresponds to a cocktail and each client also receives a complimentary beverage during their makeup session.

“For example, the Cosmopolitan has pink and purple hues,” Cuevas said. “We teach you how to put the makeup on, we put the makeup on you and you get to take a few key pieces home with you so you can create the look at home.”

Pink Couture Life also offers fashion styling, workshops, and Cuevas also teaches a Zumba class, along with managing a digital magazine with Tineo.

“One of the new services we are offering is beauty on-the-go,” Cuevas said. “For example…

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