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Immigration Attorneys Merge to Create Dream Team

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Gulf Coast, FL — Immigration attorneys, Stanley Walker (formerly of Emerald Coast Immigration Law Office) and Marty Lester (formerly of Fleet, Spencer and Kilpatrick, P.A.), have created what is expected to be the ultimate immigration law firm on the Gulf Coast and the Southeast region.

For years, the two have been the most trusted and active immigration attorneys among the Latino community. Now, they will be housed under the same roof — or roofs.

With offices in Fort Walton Beach , Pensacola , Enterprise , Alabama , and opening soon in Panama City , the new Southern Star Immigration, P.A. will provide a facility that is uniquely concentrated on immigration law for the Gulf Coast .

Other legal services, particularly those dealing with criminal and domestic issues, will still be provided, especially since those areas often involve immigration concerns that can be tended to by a legal team specifically proficient with such circumstances. That is exactly why the two attorneys have merged.

“We have a clear understanding of how someone who has immigration concerns and is charged with a criminal offense has very different concerns than other people,” Lester said, “The way their criminal issues are resolved has much to do with how we deal with their immigration issues. Working together will allow us to resolve clients’ cases in a way that will serve their immigration concerns as well.”

“Our immigration system is centered on family circumstances. There are marriage, children, and adoption issues that are tied to immigration concerns,” Walker said.

“Immigration law is very complex,” he added. “We complement each other in areas that we are individually strong in, and people will get two different lawyers working on their cases.”

Southern Star Immigration has opened its doors in Fort Walton Beach at 184 Eglin Pkwy NE, Ste 7 across the street from Uptown Station on the second floor of the State Farm building, and in Enterprise , Ala. at 210 East Grubbs Street, Suite 3 , across from the Coffee County Courthouse. They can be reached at (850) 226-7092. Plans to open offices in Panama City and to announce business hours at 201 E. Government Street in downtown Pensacola , about four blocks from the Federal Courthouse, are forthcoming.

The legal duo says they have been eager for some time to fulfill their dream of opening an office with a primary focus on immigration law. They plan to have weekly live chat sessions on the internet…

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