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Latina entrepreneurs put a unique twist in cupcakes

By Silvana Tabares
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CHICAGO — Horchata, churro, arroz con leche and abuelita chocolate are food items typically found in a Mexican supermarket or sold by a street vendor but now consumers can enjoy these flavors and among others in cupcakes.


Claudia and Sylvia Oritz have taken cupcakes to another level. The sisters are co-owners of Casa Girl Cupcakes, a catering business they started in August, which offers cupcake flavors not found anywhere else.

“We wanted to create a product that is unique to our roots,” said Sylvia Ortiz.

Growing up near Grand and Ogden, a historically Italian neighborhood in Chicago, the sisters always loved to bake. They made cookies and cakes but cupcakes became their obsession. They make their cake mix and frosting from scratch.

These days, they release themed cupcake collections. They dedicated one of their cupcake collections to their neighborhood, which includes cupcakes made of pistachio, cannoli, pizzelle, ricotta and nutella, all five included in the Grand collection.

When one of their cousins married a Cuban, the sisters were inspired to make the Cuba Libre collection – cupcakes made of banana, piña, mojito and guayaba cream cheese. The latter has become the most popular; it won first place for taste and presentation in the Iron Cupcake Chicago competition.

To date they have developed an assorted menu that includes five cupcake collections…

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