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My pain just gets worse as the U.S. Supreme Court deliberates the fate of the health-care law

By Selene Soria

EL PASO – When the pain from my wisdom teeth became unbearable my mother took me to the dentist who he told me I had to see a surgeon to get an extraction. I went to the consultation expecting a quick solution to my agony, but to my surprise, I am still suffering from this pain because I don’t have dental insurance or the money to cover the $20,000 bill.

Health care is a necessity in order to function in this society. That is why the Universal Health Care Reform law now waiting for a pass or fail grade from the U.S. Supreme Court is such an important part of President Obama’s legislative agenda.

My personal situation is a good example of the need for this law. With the reform of health care, people who need medical treatment will receive it without having to go through similar hassles.

What is happening to me is very ironic.

I had dental insurance under my mother’s policy but when I turned 25 the premium went from $320 to almost $500 dollars per month, almost a car payment just to have the coverage. I never had problems until I was without the dental insurance. To make my situation a lot more twisted I have Medicaid but it does not cover dental work. I believe this situation is very wrong and I am sure that a lot of people in this country are in the same situation or a lot worse.

In the medical program that provides me with a caretaker and other services for other medical problems, I have a social worker assigned to my case. She has been trying to get the approval from the state so that I can use some of the funds allocated to my case to pay for my dental procedure.

The process started back in September of last year and last month I was notified that all the paperwork required for approval was sent to the state. All I had to do was wait and that is what I have been doing. In the meantime, the pain comes and goes.

I take painkillers and sometimes I have so much pain that I am not even thinking straight. The pain also kills my appetite. I do not want to eat because I do not want to aggravate the situation even more.

I have been patiently waiting for help, but I have to do something. I am…

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  • GerardVanderLeun
    June 18, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    “Soria seems to be unaware thatdental benefits are not included in HCR. Nor does she seem to know that regular dental insurancedoes not always cover wisdom tooth extraction.”

  • DavidDavies
    June 18, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    I had a wisdom tooth extracted last January.  It cost me $163.00.  No insurance involved.
    Soria, you need to shop around a bit.

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