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Petty media continues using term “illegal” as synonym for undocumented immigrant

By Juan Miret
Hispano de Tulsa

It is only small-minded reporters who are out of touch and have only a single neuron spinning in a vastly hollow head, who would use the insulting word “illegal” as a synonym for an undocumented immigrant.

This is socially reprehensible, given that no human being is illegal. It is also grammatically incorrect, as it would be taking an adjective – and by sheer, brute force – making it into a noun.

I have addressed this issue in many editorials. Recently, given the executive decision of President Barack Obama granting a temporary DREAM Act type of relief, many harlequins who think they are very cool use the term “illegal” to identify undocumented immigrants. This is stepping away from journalistic ethics. A journalist – unlike this pack of mental pygmies – works on the basis of objectivity, impartiality and investigative independence.

This single-neuron factor is a characteristic among such low-level reporters, who when looking for a couple of quotes, scurry about like sewer rats. Journalists are different. They uncover stories, analyze both sides, and let public opinion decide. They don’t include labels such as illegal to misrepresent the facts or influence collective ideas.

I should point out that these new harlequins are a diverse species: some are as old as tyrannosaurs, and others are as young as smart phones. However, they are brought together by mediocrity and the inability to understand, comprehend and digest the truth.

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  • landaddy001
    June 28, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    How can “undocumented immigrant” be correct if “illegal” is wrong?  You are right that using the word “illegal” (an adjective) to describe people is incorrect.  Illegal would be better used to help describe the actions that people unlawfully present in this country are conducting.  The term “undocumented immigrant” is also incorrect.  An” immigrant” is a legal definition of a person who lawfully migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence.  Thus an immigrant has legal papers.  I believe the term “illegal” is meant to describe a person’s actions and not the person themselves.  I also believe the term “undocumented immigrant” is meant to describe people unlawfully present in this country while not using the word “illegal” which most people see as something bad.  In the war of words both side try to express themselves in as favorable terms as possible but journalist have a duty to present events to the public in as truthful and complete a manor as possible.  That means journalists are not supposed to take sides.  The best way I can think for journalists to objectively describe an event, is to use the legal descriptions of persons or events whenever possible.  Leave the name calling to the mud slingers.

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