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PWI Giving Back to Wrestling Fans

By Jose T. Garza III
Energy, excitement, and old-school swagger…that is what Pro Wrestling International (PWI) brings to the table.

The Original Texas Gangster (OTG) and Zipperhead are two of the stars of Pro Wrestling International that will be appearing this Saturday for “St. Valentines Day Massacre.” (Courtesy photo)

They are bringing it this Saturday for their “St. Valentines Day Massacre” event. Wrestler Ace Cage explains that PWI is linked to history that some fans here in Texas might be familiar with.
“PWI was started in 1994. We have a lot of history here with Pro Wrestling International,” said Cage. “Our championship belt is from World Class Championship Wrestling which was in Dallas. The likes of Kerry Von-Erich, Kevin Von-Erich, and others held that belt. We’re proud of our history.”
With six matches on the card, “St. Valentines Day Massacre” promises to be a night that fans will remember. Matches that will be taking place include the tag team titles The Texas Hit Men taking on Cobra King, American Eagle defending the U.S. championship against Total Pimp, and in the main event, CJ Xavier defending the heavyweight title against Ace Cage in a No-Disqualification match.
Cage said that PWI delivers the old-school style by giving fans an up-close look of the action going on in the ring just like it used to be.

“Back in the day, Southwest Championship Wrestling was a very intimate setting and the crowd always knew what was going on. There was nothing going on in the back. There was no overproduction,” said Cage.
At a time when WWE and TNA are dominating the wrestling landscape, PWI always brings something different that fans have never seen before, such as a Texas Slaughterhouse match and a Revolver match. A Revolver Match consists of the rules changing every two minutes on how to beat your opponent.
One of the things PWI does that some other independent wrestling promotions might not do is give back to the community by purchasing school supplies for needy students.
“We did a fund-drive back in August,” Cage recalled. “We raffled off backpacks and school supplies for students. Right now times are tough for everybody so we give boxes of crayons, pencils, and notebooks for those that need them. For Christmas, we brought in toys and gave them to charity for needy children.”
Cage promised that when you go to PWI event, the action is fast and furious and is something that you can’t miss out on for one minute.
“There is never a dull moment. If you blink, sneeze, or go get yourself some beer from the concession stands and some nachos, your going to miss something I guarantee it,” he continued.
Ace noted that what also makes PWI different is that there is no nudity and vulgarity in their shows. PWI is an event that “kids can bring their moms and their dads out. It’s a good family entertainment.”
PWI’s St. Valentines Day Massacre will be taking place this Saturday at S.P.L.A.C.H. Sports Bar and Grill on 905 Nogalitos Street.

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