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A Curandero shares the secret of being a healer

By Bobby Sanchez
The Curandero of Dallas

Curanderos are either thought to be relics of the past or considered nothing more than folk healers. Neither is completely true.

I use the title curandero in my practice because of its meaning for healer — one who has a gift to heal!

Curandero Bobby Sanchez works to heal a client.

I learned along the way in my studies that I had a gift that was growing within me that gave me visions of the future and the ability to heal. I have learned from many shamans and curanderos of different cultures around the world that we all have gifts that can grow if we find our connection to our spiritual selves.

The most frequent question I hear is why are some people psychics or mediums and healers and others are not?

It has to do with our upbringing and beliefs of thinking we are ordinary and cannot do extraordinary things! In my own beliefs, in the beginning, I learned not to limit myself with walls that others put in front of me. I learned to break the barriers that separate us from the spirit world and to allow that life around me to flow. I soon learned that time and space are an illusion that do not exist.

Curanderos of the past were aware of that illusion through their training and passed that wisdom down the line to those whom they thought could handle this truth of life. I now know why there are only a few that practice curanderismo in modern times.

But for those of us who are continuing this ancient tradition, it’s as rewarding as when our ancestors practiced it.

I see in my practice many who are experiencing hard times. They come to me telling me nothing is going right for them and asking me to change their lives, and I know I can do it for one simple reason — my gift of healing becomes greater when I help others more than myself! It’s a truth that exists for all.

I always ask those who want my services, “What are you doing for others?” I know from personal experience that a less selfish attitude brings many rewards. In the past, I was very selfish and lost what I considered all my material riches in life, but I found something that money could not buy — my faith. I know I am here for a greater reason.

So know this about yourself — you are a curandero too and can help those with great or small problems. It does not matter if you believe you are a curandero, but that you do everything out of the kindness of your heart. When you do that, you will grow your spiritual prowess and lead a blessed life.

By now, you are probably wondering how can I do this? It is easy — once you believe in yourself and follow your intuition, like a GPS in a car leading you down the streets of life in the dark.

As you learn to hear and follow your inner voice, you learn that we are not alone but constantly accompanied by our Angel and Spirit Guides. If you believe this is true, you will see the world open up for you! Before long, your questions about life will be answered in ways you never expected — and you’ll be on a path towards becoming a modern-day curandero!

Bobby Sanchez is a practicing curandero in the North Texas region. Having studied with Peruvian and Colombian shamans and curanderos, Bobby uses a holistic approach in his practice where he removes disharmonies of the mind, body, and spirit through ritual cleanings, energy work, divination and prayer.


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  • AlvaradoFrazier
    April 5, 2012 at 1:58 pm

    You gave us some really good words and ideas to think about. Thank you for a thoughtful post. 

  • BobbySanchez Curandero
    April 6, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    You are very welcome Alvarado!

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