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Another telenovela goes bilingual but show content is better off in one language

LatinaLista — Remember back in the early days of Ugly Betty when network programmers thought they had found the Holy Grail of Hispanic viewership and all of the major networks went loco ripping off the telenovela format?
That they all fell flat and were cancelled seems to be forgotten. Well, another network is going to take a turn at hoping telenovelas catch on with English speakers. This network does have a headstart in that their viewership is already comprised of Latinos.
Mun2, the Telemundo-owned youth cable network is going to adapt the successful telenovela, Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso, from their Telemundo network to Mun2 by inserting English subtitles.
The story is about women who undergo breast enhancement surgery to attract rich drug lords.
Not exactly the kind of uplifting (excuse the pun) type of programming to inspire this age group. However, Mun2 officials are taking care of that aspect.

The idea is to give [the show] an irreverent perspective and allow viewers sending their comments via, ” said Flavio Morales, mun2 vice president of programming.

To achieve the irreverent element, the telenovela will be broken into four shows hosted by the network’s host Pico who is supposed to encourage viewers to share their comments about the show on the website.
While there will be an attempt by the network to make fun of the show — we’re assuming that’s what is meant by being irreverent — there should be a concern that this show could appeal to kids beyond entertainment.
This is one telenovela that is better left in Spanish.

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