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Blogging Tejano and regional Mexican music concerts, news and more

LatinaLista — San Antonio is the gateway for Mexican music, Tejano tunes, mariachi melodies and anyone who wants to jumpstart a career in Latin music.
Of course, it’s always nice if someone actually notices all these musicians and alerts the rest of us to not only their existence, but their talent. That’s where Ramiro Burr comes in.
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Music reporter and blogger Ramiro Burr
Ramiro is the music reporter for the San Antonio Express-News. He’s also a syndicated columnist, book author, freelance writer, speaker — but all those accomplisments pale in light of his last gig as a blogger! (We may be a little biased here)
At Ramiro’s blog, the latest chisme (gossip), news, record releases, concerts, etc. of your favorite Mexican or Tejano singer or group is revealed.

Tejano singer Elida tells Ramiro how she is changing Tejano music to fit the times.
(Source: Ramiro’s blog)

While Ramiro (naturally) covers the concerts and happenings in South Texas because you know, that’s where San Antonio is, he doesn’t ignore the rest of the country when it comes to spotlighting Latino and Latina talent.
So to get your music fix, check out Ramiro’s blog.
You’ll be surprised at how so much is happening in the Latino music market — or not.

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