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In Her Own Words: Cuban-American detective Lupe Solano’s latest case takes a “Bloody Twist”

Carolina Garcia-Aguilera

(Author Carolina Garcia-Aguilera provides Latina Lista readers with a special overview of what her latest mystery, “Bloody Twist,” is all about — in her own words.)


Bloody Twist is the seventh novel in the Lupe Solano series.


Two years after having been shot (Bitter Sugar, 2001) Miami based, Cuban-American private investigator Lupe Solano is back on the job, helping Tommy MacDonald, criminal defense attorney and her sometimes lover, in his defense of twenty-two year old Madeline Meadows, Miami Beach’s highest paid call girl.

Ms. Meadows is no ordinary call girl: she is a virgin, whose clients pay $5,000. an hour for her services. The client reports that she has just been interviewed by Miami Homicide Detective Maxwell Anderson (Lupe’s former lover) in relation to the murders of two men she knows well: Dr. Steinberg, the ob-gyn who certifies that she is a virgin, and Mr. Robinson, a wealthy developer who is her steady client.

Although Tommy is drawn to his newest client (he rarely, if ever, has knowingly represented a virgin), a stunningly beautiful natural blond, he is skeptical of her story, and asks Lupe to begin her investigation.

In a race against time, Lupe finds herself conducting two investigations: the first finding out who murdered the men; and the second, discovering who the ‘real’ Madeline Meadows is.

Along the way, Lupe encounters Napoleon and Josephine, a set of killer Chihuahuas, as well as the Loredo twins, Ms. Meadows’ pimps, marketing geniuses, who came up with the idea of offering ser services as ‘the highest paid call girl in Miami who is a virgin’.

As she has done in the previous six books, during the course of her investigations, Lupe is forced to place herself in danger, but as before, she perseveres to uncover the truth, regardless of the price she has to pay to do so.

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