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Disney site creates a way for families to share Hispanic Heritage Month

LatinaLista — Yes, we know, everyone is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month but too often we have to leave home to enjoy the celebration.

Episodes of Disney’s Handy Manny for preschoolers is available online in Spanish.
Well at one Disney site, they actually want families to celebrate at home and is providing recipes, instructions on how to create your own piñata and papeles picados (you know, those colorful cut-out flags seen strung across patios?) and party favors to create an awesomely fun fiesta for the entire family.
And while the adults are getting everything ready for the fiesta, the kids can actually watch full-length episodes of their favorite Disney show Handy Manny in Spanish.
But preschoolers aren’t the only ones who can celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Spanish language music videos from “High School Musical 2” will showcase: Mexico’s Paulina Holguin singing “Gotta Go My Own Way” (“Por Mi Camino Ire”); Holguin and Roger Gonzalez performing “You Are the Music in Me” (“Eres La Musica en Mi”), and Spain’s recording artists Mota (Manuel Martos and Alvaro de Azcarate) singing “Eres La Musica en Mi” and “All for One.”

Also, Disney has now designated Fridays as “Fabuloso Fridays.”
Yet, we know that every Friday is fabuloso!

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