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ESPN kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month with prime time observance

LatinaLista — The countdown has begun for the annual month-long observance otherwise known as Hispanic Heritage Month.
While various media channels are broadcasting special programming that highlight Latinos and our contributions to the US, there are signs that the annual observance has really reached Prime Time.

It seems ESPN will “kick off” the special month by broadcasting the Philadelphia Eagles-Dallas Cowboys game on ESPN and ESPN Deportes with a Latino twist.
On September 15, (8:30 p.m., EST), there will be a slight name change. Eagles will become Águilas and Cowboys will become Vaqueros. The Spanish names for the teams will appear on the Texas Stadium scoreboards during the game.
But the Latino homage doesn’t stop there.
ESPN promises that the telecast will feature “special graphics, vignettes and audio from ESPN Deportes featuring commentator Álvaro Martín and former NFL kicker Raúl Allegre,” a mystery Latino artist singing the National Anthem and halftime entertainment performed by the Latin pop duo Prima J, who in reality are primas (cousins) Jessica and Janelle Martinez.
The special Latino flair will also be applied to the Sept. 22 San Diego Chargers-New York Jets game too.
Can anyone yell GOL!

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