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New film showcases Latina talent in front and behind the camera

LatinaLista — Tomorrow, across the nation, a new film opens with its three leading characters all Latinas — strong Latinas.

Lucy Gallardo, America Ferrera and Elizabeth Peña lead the cast in the new film, How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer. The film, already a multi-award festival winner, explores how three Latina women, of different generations, come to terms with their sexuality.
And when it comes to Latinas and sexuality, well, it’s a well known fact that sexuality in Latinas never die, and that’s what makes the film so interesting and touching at the same time.
From the 70-year-old grandmother who never really experienced true love and now finds herself flustered as she takes driving lessons from a man she finds attractive to her daughter who, as a single mom, is frustrated and lonely to her granddaughter who is at the age of discovering what all sexuality entails, the film serves as a mirror to a common theme in every Latina’s life.

The film’s director/writer/producer Georgina Garcia Riedel discusses direction with actress America Ferrera.
The film is the debut of writer, producer and director Georgina Garcia Riedel who was inspired to create the film because of her abuela.

How the Garcia Girls Spent their Summer is a love letter to the place where my grandmother resides, a small dusty border town called Somerton, Arizona. The film was conceived one winter when I asked my grandmother what she wanted for Christmas. She took me by surprise by saying a car. My mind began to race. What would a 70-year-old woman, who had never driven before in her entire life, do with a car and what troubles could she get into? From there, the writing began.

How the Garcia Girls Spent their Summer is definitely one of those movies that bonds Latinas of all ages. Unfortunately, it is only opening in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois and Texas but hopefully the wait won’t be too long until it ends up on DVD, the Internet and cable tv.
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