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Latina writers blend “Words” and “Wisdom” in special kind of blog tour

LatinaLista — Whether it be a book tour, music tour or play tour, the bottom line is that those of us waiting for the tour to come to our town have to wait and wait and wait, and then we only get one chance to see either our favorite author, musician or actor.
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Yet, a group of very savvy Latinas have put together a whole different kind of tour that brings our favorite writers to our desktops as part of the “Women, Words & Wisdom” blog tour.
From May 19th till May 28th, ten Latina authors will participate in this fourth installment of the blog tour by posting original short stories and essays on their blogs. Readers, in essence, will tour each day to the day’s designated author’s blog where they not only get to read a great story but can enter into a contest to win a prize.
According to Mary Castillo, author and coordinator of the tour, in addition to elevating the profile of the authors, attracting more fans and supporting one another’s literary efforts, the blog tour has another purpose too.
“We also hope that the blog tour will inspire a new writer out there to sit down and write that book that has been rattling around in her head,” said Castillo.
The line-up for the blog tour starts with:

he Women, Words & Wisdom Tour line-up is:
May 19 – Mary Castillo, author of “Switchcraft”
May 20 – Caridad Ferrer, author of “It’s Not About the Accent”
May 21 – Lara Rios, author of “Becoming Americana”
May 22 – Mayra Calvani, The Dark Phantom Review
May 23 – Caridad Piniero, author of “The Calling” Vampire series
May 24 – Jamie Martinez Wood, author of “Rogelia’s House of Magic”
May 25 – Berta Platas, author of “Cinderella Lopez”
May 26 – Tracy Montoya, “I’ll Be Watching You”
May 27 – Kathy Cano Murillo, aka “The Crafty Chica”
May 28 – Misa Ramirez, author of “Living the Vida Lola”

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