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“Latino Calendar” shares positive stories about Latinos every day

GritoBlast! — College completion rates among Latinos, while improving, are still astronomically low across the country. According to some of the most recent statistics, only 15 percent of Latinos have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

The problem is that young Latinos are not being totally empowered or inspired through their education. There remains an over-saturation of Latinos represented as drug dealers, gang members, or athletes in media outlets. But when young people see themselves reflected positively in the media, they begin to see themselves as businesspeople, civic, and political leaders!

Several education and business professionals wanted to ensure that Latino children feel inspired, enlightened and empowered every day, and created an unique calendar to achieve their goal.

The 2018 Latino Calendar is a compilation of Latino history, from ancient times to modern times, assembled by the Latino Calendar staff to create an inspirational collection of Latino history facts in a calendar that highlights a Latino fact EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!

The Latino Calendar staff’s mission is to shine a light on the missing pages of world history, improve cultural education and college readiness, while at the same time, empower, uplift, and inspire the world through the stories of history that are rarely told.

Everyday, Latinos around the world have made an impact on society, and now through the Latino Calendar staff’s powerful educational tool, everyone will have the chance to learn something positive about Latinos everyday.

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