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Man loses 17 stone and becomes a model

AFTER years of torment and bullying, a man lost 17 stone and now spends his time jetsetting across the world for modelling shoots.

When Michael Sullivan, 23, from County Kerry, Ireland, was called a “fat b—-ard”, he decided he needed to change his life.

After going to college, the determined teen adopted a healthier lifestyle, tweaking his accent and taking the 20-minute walk in and out of campus every day.

“I was independent and had to look after myself and was fully in control of what was going into my body,” he said.

Even though the “weight dropped off”, Michael wasn’t satisfied with his transformation as he believed he looked too thin.


During his mission to get fit, Michael become addicted to the gym, working out twice a day, seven days a week.

He is so dedicated to his physique that he even weighed out all his meals on holiday and didn’t even eat Christmas dinner last year.

Even though Michael is healthier and more confident, he claims that it has been he has lost friends since losing weight.

The mates he used to hang out with in the pub soon got irritated that Michael spent too much time in the gym.

Although he hasn’t received support from everyone, Michael is determined others to help others on their journey towards a healthier life.

His Facebook page, Michael Sullivan Fat Boy Slim, gives people guidance and inspiration.

Michael’s main piece of advice is: “Don’t think short term goals, think about the bigger picture, think of the reason you want to lose weight.

“Stay consistent and determined to succeed and you can do it.”

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