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Mexican Version of Ugly Betty Available on DVD

LatinaLista — Die-hard fans of Ugly Betty know that America Ferrera isn’t the first actress to portray the ugly-duckling-who-eventually-transforms-into-a-beauty character.

In fact, the show has had many versions spanning South America and Europe. Yet, for many Latinos in the U.S., the epitome of the franchised series is Mexico’s version which starred Angelica Vale and Jaime Camil.
One of the longest running telenovelas in Mexico’s history and certainly the most popular (7.4 million viewers saw the finale), La Fea Mas Bella (the Spanish title for the series) has finally been released this week in the United States on DVD.
But if you feel your Spanish isn’t where it should be to keep up with the Mexican version, don’t worry — this one has English subtitles.

The release features a triple-disc DVD package with more than 10 hours of content and special features. It’s available at all major retail and online stores.
But if you really, really enjoyed La Fea Mas Bella, Coca-Cola has created a contest to show just how much.
As part of their Coca-Cola Telenovela Club, fans can collect My Coke Reward points and redeem them for actual costumes and accessories used on the show.
The La Fea Mas Bella promotion kicked off on March 11 and in addition, fans, who are part of this Coca-Cola Telenovela Club, can also receive a special cookbook created by Doña Julieta (if you have to ask who she is, you’re not really a fan) and a chance to enter into a drawing to fly to Miami to see the real-life mother-daughter team, Angelica Maria and Angelica who played the television mother-daughter characters, Doña Julieta (hint, hint) and Lety.
Yet, the biggest contest is a drawing to win a chance to fly to Miami to hang out with both Angelica Maria and Angelica. No word if Don Fernando will be there 🙂
At any rate, there is probably no better month than March to release La Fea Mas Bella. Since March is Women’s History Month and the story is all about one woman who overcame the odds of physical beauty to show the world just how much she had to offer it — from both inside and out.

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