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Young singer moves past political fallout over penning song for Hillary

LatinaLista — Back during the height of Hillary Clinton’s popularity when she was campaigning in South Texas, a 21-year-old Rio Grande Valley singer named Dulce Maria Gonzalez wrote a song just for Hillary — and in the process found herself thrust into the national spotlight in a way she never dreamed would happen.

Dulce Maria Gonzalez
Dulce Maria performed the song “We Need a Woman” at an outdoor Clinton rally. While it was well received by those attending the rally, Obama supporters gave Dulce Maria so much grief over her support of Hillary that before she knew it, this political novice found herself having to fight to stand up for her right to endorse whom she wanted for president.
Maybe it’s because Dulce Maria has been singing and been a part of the cutthroat entertainment business since she was 7-years-old that she was tough enough to weather through that hard time.
It was lucky for us that she was.
A visit to her MySpace page shows that this young entertainer is the consummate professional and hasn’t let that unfortunate experience spoil her love for entertaining in front of an audience.

In fact, Dulce Maria has made a music video and has recorded several songs for a new CD that, while not available online yet, can be bought through her MySpace page.
Labeling herself as a R&B, jazz and Latin singer, Dulce Maria’s throaty delivery makes these songs not just pleasant to hear but have just the right tempo and smoothness that they can calm the most high-strung campaign supporter — something that will really be needed as November nears.
We Need a Woman

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