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New site makes sure everyone takes notice of Latinos in Hollywood

LatinaLista — Hollywood and Latinos used to be considered an oxymoron. Gradually, things have changed. Now more Latinos and Latinas are starring in primetime TV shows, co-starring in big screen films, appearing on cable TV shows, producing, writing and directing their own films and creating their own web series.

Yet, because the TV Guides of the media world haven’t taken a lot of notice of just how proud the greater Latino community is when one of “our own” makes it in the Hollywood industry, it’s up to individual sites to toot the trompeta to call attention to the accomplishments of Latino and Latina actors, writers, directors, producers,etc.

The latest site to call attention to how far Latinos are coming in Hollywood is Se Fija! With the tagline: an on-line celebration of Latinos in entertainment, in front and behind the camera, the site covers Hollywood from the Latina perspective, specifically publisher Angela Maria Ortiz.

Ortiz covers a range of entertainment Latino-focused news via video, photos and blog posts. From the red carpet at the ALMA awards to one-on-one interviews to updates on what’s going on in the careers of Latino Hollywood industry veterans to the latest DVD releases of work by Latino talent, Se Fija strives to keep the greater Latino community informed — inside and outside Hollywood.

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