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Senate Republicans Cross the Line with Offensive Latino-Themed Web Site

LatinaLista — The folks at the National Republican Senatorial Committee must have either had one too many jello shots or thought they were hired as scriptwriters for the next Jackass movie because those are the only plausible explanations at this point that any of them (and anyone associated with them) would think their website Muchas Gracias Debbie would be the slightest bit funny or tolerated.
Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow
Meant to humiliate Sen. Stabenow because of her support for such things as not making English the national language or endorsing social security benefits for undocumented workers, the web site depicts Sen. Stabenow in the picture above with the Mexican song La Raspa playing in the background.
It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s opinion; it’s another to ridicule them for it, and it’s quite another for a national political party who claims to want to be inclusive of all Latinos doesn’t even know us well enough or respect us to understand that the only thing that separates legal Latinos from the illegals is a birth certificate or citizenship papers.
Evidently, these Republicans never got the memo when they were younger that all opinions should be respected, even if they differ from their own.
Today, The National Council of La Raza’s President and CEO, Janet Murgia, sent a letter to the Republican National Committee Chair Ken Mehlman asking him to remove the offensive web site.
If he doesn’t, his inaction should be a wake-up call to all Latino Republicans who think the GOP represents family values at their finest.
And even if he does take it down, it’s already showing that this party is so out of touch with the Latino community that they are willing to risk offending a whole community just to humiliate someone for exercising her conscience.
It’s a workout that these particular Republicans seem to need very badly.

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