May 13, 2022

The world knows that Russia has/is committed war crimes in the Ukraine, as more bodies of executed innocent civilians are dug up, horrific stories of the rape of women, men and boys are surfacing and the targeted bombing of civilian sites continues. Thankfully, investigations are underway and the first trial is taking place; A baby is a baby regardless of ethnicity or race. So, how hateful is it that some GOP lawmakers say undocumented immigrant babies shouldn’t get formula over American babies?; A new study pinpoints areas of the US where gas leak explosions are bound to happen, and the findings are not surprising; and PETA Latino just named top vegan ‘postres.’ Go beyond the headlines…

UN: More than 1,000 civilian bodies found in Kyiv region

Republicans Lawmakers Don’t Think Undocumented Immigrant Babies Should Get Formula Over Americans

Biden administration to release $45B for nationwide internet

How to Beat the Highest Price Hikes On Food, Clothing, Travel, Cars, More

Study finds disparities in natural gas leak prevalence in US urban areas

PETA Latino names top Vegan ‘postres’

Our Reality May Only Be Half of a Pair of Interacting Worlds

Scener launches new app to enhance how viewers stream across services

Migrants find brand new cars in which to travel to the US border

‘Nothing positive’: Salvadorans struggle to adapt to Bitcoin

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