May 12, 2022

Overnight, we learned that Finland wants to join NATO “without delay.” The very thing Putin has striven for: to intimidate his neighbors to not join NATO is resulting in yet another backlash that contributes to the countdown to the end of Putin’s reign; Overturning Roe v Wade will impact the economic trajectory of all women; Scientists are set to announce a new discovery in the Milky Way galaxy; Why do bananas get brown spots:; and Ancient DNA reveals new insights into Uruguay’s ‘lost’ indigenous. Go beyond the headlines…

The end of Roe will mean more children living in poverty

Russian Military Documents Appear to Show Plan for Total Ukraine Occupation

Overturning Roe could reverse economic gains

Almost 60% of Americans Have Had COVID-19, CDC Says

U.S. report identifies burial sites linked to boarding schools for Native Americans

Black hole scientists to announce Milky Way galaxy discovery

Secret to why bananas get brown spots REVEALED

SportsBubble’s New App Helps Fans Navigate Maze of Games

Avocados, limes and peaches: Mexican cartel violence kills harvests

Ancient DNA gives new insights into ‘lost’ Indigenous people of Uruguay

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