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Program “tutors” students to achieve their all in both business and school

LatinaLista — Students helping one another learn isn’t such a revolutionary idea. Yet, students helping one another learn while getting paid just might be an idea that helps reform education in ways no one imagined.

Students Connecting matches student tutors with students who not only need help in a particular subject area — but even in a student’s native language.

The best part of the arrangement is that the student who needs help gets it and the tutor student is on their way to becoming an entrepreneur by learning how to set their own rates, collect payments, develop a teaching style and learn how to interact with clients.

Since these are students helping students, anyone of them knows, in fact, expects, that tutoring doesn’t just have to be face-to-face. It can be via any tech or mobile platform that are second nature to today’s students.

Students Connecting creates a new generation of entrepreneurs while also providing a support community for them and helping them with the details of running a business like advertising and recruiting clients.

On the flip side, the organization helps parents of students who need tutoring to find that one student tutor who can help their child learn and excel in school.

The bottom line is empowering young people to achieve their dreams and discovering their own potential.

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