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National movement sprouts first annual Home Farming Day April 12

LatinaLista — Home gardens used to be looked upon as nice hobbies for people who wanted to spend quality time with nature. Nowadays, home gardens have gotten to be serious business.

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With the “growing” costs of food, it makes sense for some people to just plant their own vegetables, herbs and/or fruit. In fact, there is a national movement underway that began in 2010 to get more people to do just that. To celebrate this sprouting movement, tomorrow, April 12, is designated the first annual Home Farming Day.

Sponsored by the whole wheat grain cracker Triscuit, the Home Farming movement has already been credited as the impetus in the start of over 16,000 home farms since 2010. They are on track to fulfill the organization’s tagline: “When you plant a seed, you grow a movement.”

On the Home Farming website, people who would rather grow their own tomatoes, jalapeños, herbs, etc. find all the information they need to start a home farm regardless of whether they live in a house with a backyard, or an apartment with a balcony or an apartment with no balcony.

Novices at planting seeds and coaxing them to grow soon learn that home farming ranges from outside to indoor with container plots versus traditional raised bed gardens. The site goes step-by-step in how to get the most from your time and seeds.

Also, by signing on to the home farming site, prospective farmers automatically join an online community of home farmers where questions, challenges and harvest news can be shared by posting comments or uploading pictures of home farms.

To help home farming “grow” on people, Triscuit is even sponsoring a $1000 giveaway to create the ultimate home farm.

That sure would be a lot of fresh produce — without the high price tags!

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