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Tis the season for angels of all kinds

LatinaLista — Of all the seasons of the year, Christmastime seems to bring out the angels — either in all of us or from that other plane of existence that goes by many different names depending on what you believe.

In 2007, a British visitor visiting the Vatican snapped a picture of ray of light streaming over the heads of the people assembled in St. Peter’s Basilica to listen to the Pope. It wasn’t until he reached home and downloaded his photos did he notice the image of an angel fluttering over the heads of the people.
In honor of Christmas, we’d like to share two angel stories that should give us all hope that there exists good in the world.
The first angel story, believe it or not, comes from Sears. Yes, the department store. It seems angels are shopping at Sears too and making others’ wishes come true in the process.
Anonymous angels, in Claremont, California are paying off the layaway balances of some shoppers. Of course, these angels are known as the “Layaway Angels” and they have already worked miracles for some lucky Sears shoppers.

The outpouring of relieved responses from those the Layaway Angels helped was heartfelt. When the Claremont Sear’s store manager called the layaway customers to let them know of their holiday miracle, one customer shared that his house was in foreclosure and this was “the best present imaginable.” Another father, who came in with his wife and five young children, to pay his balance was overwhelmed and in tears.

Most of the purchases the Layaway Angels pay off are those that are items that their purchasers couldn’t afford to pay off in full like children’s clothes, shoes, underwear and toys.
The Layaway Angels leave a note with each layaway they pay off: “Believe in miracles and have faith — your Christmas Angel.”
News of the original Claremont Layaway Angels has spread to other Sears locations in California. Who knows, maybe this idea will take “flight” and be replicated throughout the country next year?
The second angel story comes courtesy of the TODAY show and is about another kind of angel. The video below explains it all and reinforces the fact that miracles do happen.

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