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Unique calendar showcasing young priests makes for interesting gift idea

LatinaLista — If you’re still stuck on what gift to get someone who has everything, you might want to try a calendar.

One of the 12 Catholic priests featured in the 2009 calendar.
The calendar we’re talking about doesn’t feature cute puppies or kittens or famous city skylines. It doesn’t feature half-naked firemen either but it does feature young, fully clothed priests!
The Roman Priest Calendar 2008 features many young priests in various historic sites around the Vatican, the seat of the Roman Catholic Church, as well in the Italian capital Rome.
Created by Italian photographer Piero Pazzi, the calendar has been published since 2004. Pazzi justifies featuring the priests in a calendar because he says they exemplify the classic images of Rome.
While it feels somewhat sinful to lust after these young priests, it seems the calendar has the blessing of the Vatican.
The calendar is available in very limited areas of the U.S. but you can email Pazzi for a calendar which costs 10 euros (about $14.00). Also, if you really are crazy about the calendar, or just really want to earn a few bucks or euros (which would even be better), Pazzi is looking for US and South American distributors for the calendar.
Can’t tell if any of the priests and their parishes get a portion of the proceeds to donate back to the Church but that would be a nice touch.
Yet, if you can hear your abuelita kicking in her grave or screaming in your face for considering to buy such a calendar, Pazzi does have two other calendars: gondolas and famous angelic sculptures.

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