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New site empowers Latinas to make the right contraception choice

LatinaLista — The Guttmacher Institute reports that the typical woman in the United States wants only two children. To achieve this goal, she must use contraceptives for roughly 30 years.


Yet, according to the same source, Latinas are more likely to get sterilized than use conventional contraception, like the pill. It could be because of family money issues or abject fear of an unwanted pregnancy but the fact remains that there are a lot more choices for contraception than choosing something so permanent.

Informing women of their options when it comes to contraception choices is the goal of a new site, created by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, called Bedsider.

Billed as the “Free support network for birth control,” Bedsider answers all the questions girls and women have about contraception — the different types, how each works and how they compare to each other, where to get it and basic answers to questions that most young girls or first-time contraception users, don’t know to ask.

A handy interactive feature on the site allows for users to sign in and give their cell phone numbers or emails to be automatically reminded, via text message or email, of doctor appointments and when to take their birth control.

A woman’s life is hers to live. She can choose to have a baby now, later, or never. And if she already has kids, it’s okay to say “enough for now.”

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