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The international perks of T-Mobile

Presented by T-Mobile

T-Mobile have revealed a new package that is sure to entice many international customers to their fray, with the offer of unlimited international calls in more than 70 countries, including Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Panama, for just $10 dollars.

Furthermore, they are offering for just an extra $5, the addition of unlimited mobile to mobile calls to more than 30 countries, which is the most diverse of any of the leading service providers can offer in regards to calls going outbound from the USA.

The $10 dollar deal also includes text and discount rates to over 200 countries despite its unlimited international calls clause, so if you need to make a call to a traveling loved one, or simply send a message that will brighten their day, you can do so at a cheaper-than-usual price.

You can also receive international calls and you don’t need a special type of phone for these functions to apply and work. This means that if you aren’t the most tech-savvy of people and haven’t updated to the latest smartphone you need not worry and can still contact those loved ones!

In the extra $5 package, which brings the total to $15, you receive an extra 1000 minutes per month of mobile-to-mobile calls to neighbor country Mexico, which is the complete package for those with family ties across the borders.

You can see if your country applies to the offers on the T-Mobile website, where a dedicated search engine will confirm which international functions are best for your location and also the standard charge per minute that you will receive for the calls made, while anyone who doesn’t wish to make calls can instead choose the separate, $7 a month international text service.

With this service you receive international texts to over 200 countries to use, whilst the only loss is the call rates, as the discounted rates do not apply to this package.

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