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Forbes includes several Latinas in their annual “World’s Most 100 Powerful Women”

LatinaLista — Everyone likes lists. The curiosity to see who is #1 or falls in the Top Ten is the subject of many water cooler/online chat conversations.

Forbes magazine has just released the World’s Most 100 Powerful Women. The irony shouldn’t be lost that among the 21 women who dropped off the list this year — Michelle Bachmann, for one — there are sixteen new members, several Latinas who are making their debut on the list this year.

Latinas on this year’s list are:

Dilma Rosseff (No. 3) – President, Brazil
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (No. 16) – President, Argentina
Maria das Gracas Silva Foster (No. 20) – CEO, Petrobras, Brazil
Jennifer Lopez (No. 38), Entertainer, Entrepreneur, U.S./Puerto Rico
Shakira Mebarak (No. 40) – Entertainer, Philanthropist, Columbia
Rosalia Mera (No. 54) – Billionaire Philanthropist, Spain
Sofia Vergara (No. 75) – Actress, Entrenpreneur Colombia
Giselle Bündchen (No. 83) – Supermodel, Ambassador, UN Environmental Program, Brazil

In a sign recognizing that women have penetrated every field, the list also recognizes, for the first time, women in the tech industry.

A quick browse of the list shows women of all ethnicities, corners of the world, industries and professions. It also underscores that for the next generation it is possible to break the glass ceiling — and more will do so in the future, including Latinas.

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