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New Latina Shopper Study reveals highest preference is for shopping online

LatinaLista — Recession or no recession, when it comes to shopping try keeping a Latina at home. The Latina shopper is a force to be reckoned with — ask any poor man who wasn’t smart enough to get out of the way.

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It’s reported that Latinas control 80 percent of the purse strings in Latino households. By 2013, the amount of money under Latina influence is projected to stand at $1.4 trillion.

Yet, of course, not all shoppers are the same. A new Latina Shopper Study by multicultural market research specialist New American Dimensions surveyed 1200 Latina shoppers and identified four distinct types of shoppers:

Las Exploradoras (27%): Latinas who love to shop, and experiment with new products, use coupons and visit a variety of stores, both Hispanic and American. They tend to trust Spanish-language advertising.

Las Pragmáticas (23%): Latinas who shop with a mission: to get the best value for their money. They claim to be unaffected by advertising and in-store marketing.

Las Digitalistas (31%): Latinas who actively shop online, and prefer Internet to in-store shopping.

Las Fre$itas (20%): Young affluent Latinas who feel they’ve ‘arrived’, and are impulse-buyers who are happy to spend.

The company that conducted the survey is planning a more in-depth analysis of each type of Latina shopper. But it seems obvious that the study missed three additional elements that appeal to Latina shoppers as well and are just as big a driving force among most shoppers — quality, value and convenience.

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