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Survey strives to understand today’s Latinas to better create new mentoring program

LatinaLista — Who is today’s Latina? It’s a loaded question that is bound more to reveal who today’s Latina wants to be mañana.

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With more Latinas opening businesses, going to school, entering politics, raising families, taking care of their parents — the list goes on — it’s even more important to find out what Latinas are doing these days. Not just to create a current profile but, according to the website New Latina, to better pair these women with a mentor in a new online mentoring program dubbed Cuenta Conmigo.

According to Dr. Angelica Perez-Litwin, founder of the sites New Latina, Modern Familia ( a Latina Lista blogBeat Partner) and the developer of the new-style mentoring program:

Cuenta Conmigo will be an e-mentoring program which will effectively utilize modern technology tools to bring together Latina women of various ages and professional levels.

Communication and mentoring will be take place via e-mails and skype platforms, coordinated via a volunteer-managed website network. The goal will be to engage Latina women as young as 15, and women who are college students, career-bound, in mid-career, executives and entrepreneurs.

Given the growing number of Latina women (as young as 13) engaging in social media and utilizing smart phone technology, this e-mentoring program will fit the lifestyle of today’s Latina woman.

To help tailor the mentoring program to the needs of the participants and better understand the lives of today’s Latinas, Dr. Perez-Litwin has created a survey called “Understanding Today’s Latinas.

Using only social media to get the word out about the survey, Dr. Perez-Litwin says that data collection will continue until the end of the year. Cuenta Conmigo is scheduled to be inaugurated sometime after the data has been compiled and analyzed.

The survey is only open to Latinas ages 20-54 and who live in the United States.

As an added incentive to get Latinas to take the time to fill out the survey, everyone who fills it out will be entered into a drawing for a free iPad giveaway.

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