Fall Foliage Photography Tips

For the last decade, as a photographer and writer, I have been traveling throughout New England fueling my biggest passion: capturing the colorful autumn foliage. What follows are a few of tricks of the trade that I rely on when looking for fall foliage shots. They should help you leaf-peepers and foliage fanatics come home with better quality photographs of autumn’s stunning scenery. Or at least have a more enjoyable trip!

Don’t Just Wing It
Planning is paramount! Don’t just arrive and start driving around with no real plan. You need to know where and when you want to go and what you want to shoot. If, for example, you arrive on one of the last days of September in Maine and drive to Camden to shoot the fall colors and the harbor, you may be a bit disappointed.

Be aware that the colors generally flow from the North down to the South. Also, they will start sooner in low swampy areas and at higher elevations (where it gets colder sooner). The colors arrive last at the coastal areas. Check out my blog for the foliage forecast to start planning your trip.

Gather Info From Locals
Talk to the locals who know the back roads and subsequently see the fall colors develop every year. Stop by a general store or gas station. These owners are typically proud of where they live, and are used to people stopping for directions and asking all about their local towns.

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