Where to Travel in February

Don’t let the cold weather thwart your plans for a winter getaway. Here are the best places to visit in February.

February is a great month for leaving in search of the sun which is starting to be sorely missed by those in the northern countries. Leaving on sun-seeker holidays in February will also avoid the ski resorts which are often overcrowded at this time.

In Europe, winter continues unabated and cold, harsh weather prevails with short days and rare sunlight. Winter sports stations are popular in France at this time because of school holidays but neighbouring countries (Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Andorra, and Spain) offer various possibilities. Those countries in the south of Europe can be very pleasant destinations at this time, everything is flowering and spring is on its way.

In Asia, various destinations are ideal at this time: Burma, Northern India and the Philippines are free from typhoons and the west and south of Sri Lanka and Laos are great if you avoid the mountains. Trekking in Nepal is great right now with plenty of sunlight although the evenings can get very chilly at altitude.

In Africa, it’s the opportune moment for a trek in the Moroccan desert, a trip across the Maghreb or for visiting countries such as Senegal or Egypt before the higher temperatures arrive, the prices at this time are affordable too. South Africa currently basks in warm temperatures with low rainfall. Mauritania, Jordan and Syria are sunny right now with cooler nights; take a jumper for the evening!

In America, Argentina, Peru and Nicaragua have pleasant temperatures in February and it’s also a great time to discover Southern California and the desert areas to the South-West. Mexico and the Caribbean have beautiful sunny days although you may prefer the cooler temperatures of the magnificent Canadian winter. In Hawaii surfers are having a great time riding the giant waves.

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