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Latino voters have variety of handy apps to make voting experience easier

LatinaLista — Efforts are underway to impress upon Latino voters the importance of actually going to the polls to cast their votes. Yet, though the intent to vote is admirable, and what politicians and campaign workers are counting on, but ‘life’ too often gets in the way.

Life can be as simple as bad weather or not having a ride to the polls to not going to the right polling place or having the proper ID to show to be allowed to vote.

For that reason, various groups have created handy apps, text message services and web sites to make sure that no one has an excuse to not cast an informed vote November 6.

Polling Place Locator:
Text WHERE to 877877 to find out where to vote.

Election Protection:

A comprehensive web site with links to State Absentee Voter request forms; State-by-State Voter ID Information and the Mobile Election Protection App which:

Verifies registration;
Looks up polling place;
Reviews key voting rules and regulations for each state;
Sees what type of machine is used to cast a ballot and
Provides a way to contact Election Protection via phone or email to report a problem or get answers to questions.

Who’s really paying for this advertisement?

The Ad Hawk app, from the Sunlight Foundation, is for both the Apple and Android devices. It identifies political ads as they air and immediately creates a short digital fingerprint to compare against the database of political ads in the system to let the user know who is really paying for the ads. Just activate the app, put it up near the audio and press “Identify this Ad.”

VoterHub: Described as a one-stop destination for all your voting information needs.

Settle It! PolitiFact’s Argument Ender — Still wondering who really is telling the truth? This app checks the facts in campaign ads and tests everyone’s knowledge as to who is telling the truth.

Election 2012 — free, exclusive, in-depth stories, headlines, videos, and compelling images from the campaign trail, local neighborhoods, and around the country. Updates are provided throughout the day and gives users the opportunity to get to know their local and national candidates, where they stand on the big issues, and to find unbiased coverage.

On election night, users will be connected to full vote results, live streaming videos, plus on-going real time live updates via “Live Wire.” The app is powered by Hearst Television digital media stations.

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