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Reader Shares New Site Unleashing Power of Prayer

LatinaLista — With only 24 hours since the deadly shooting at Virginia Tech, people are looking for answers — and milagros (miracles).

So, it was rather ironic that a young Latino author named Jeff Rivera sent Latina Lista an e-mail last week sharing a new site he has.

In his e-mail, Jeff says:

I’ve been prepping for my book tour and I launched a new site, a way to give back because I’ve felt so blessed this year. I’d love to know what you think Marisa and if you like it spread the word to your friends. It’s a spiritual site not religious at all. Jeff

The site is PrayerCircleOnline and people are asked to join in spreading the gift of prayer for those who are in need of a miracle.

According to Jeff, the computer will randomly select a prayer request and display it on the screen so that visitors to the site can pray for that request, and for that miracle.

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