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Video project unites people One Day on Earth

LatinaLista — What are you doing on 10/10/10?

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This Sunday, the global community is coming together — in one of those rare examples that illustrate how borders may separate us but we still are all of one planet — when everyone with a camera, video, still or cell, will contribute to the global project called One Day On Earth.

The third annual event entails people armed with cameras, from professionals to hobbyists, freezing this day in time with the pictures and videos they take.

As part of the One Day on Earth project, people from every nation of the world will film their perspectives to showcase the amazing diversity, conflict, tragedy and triumph that occur in one 24-hour period. From the basic human needs, joys and struggles that unite us, to the unique cultural traditions that shape our identity, thousands of normally untold stories will be brought to light through the eyes of filmmakers and inspired citizens.

Anyone can join in the project. All the video taken as a result of the day-long event will be viewable through an online archive system searchable by topic, popularity and location. The goal of the archive is for people to learn about those issues facing the global community.

Another opportunity to learn about the issues will be when the video will be incorporated into a feature-length documentary released in 2011 exploring the planet’s identity.

Since it is the third time One Day On Earth has taken place, the organizers realize that the project alone isn’t enough to connect participants. For that reason, a social media element is a part of this year’s program.

An interactive online community for its participants powered by Ning, the leading online platform for the world’s organizers, activists and influencers. Members are encouraged to connect with one another from all corners of the planet, sharing their thoughts, photos and videos to spark a larger global awareness and consciousness. For some, the online community has inspired international collaborations, expanding the depth of stories being shared.

Also, 450,000 students worldwide, as part of an online educational initiative to teach how to create video, will be armed with equipment to also chronicle the happenings of 10/10/10.

“Together, we are creating the first truly worldwide film, where each contributor can be publicly acknowledged in an open forum. All are welcome to participate; the greater the quality and quantity of participation, the greater our impact on society,” ~ Kyle Ruddick, Project Founder

What is One Day on Earth? from One Day On Earth on Vimeo.


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