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Southeast Asia’s 15 blockbuster funding rounds in 2016

Home to over 600 million people, Southeast Asia is among the 10 largest economies in the world and has the third-largest labor force, next to China and India, according to multinational management consulting firm McKinsey. Growth in the region has been rapid and relatively stable over the past decade, making it attractive for businesses and investors alike. All these factors are fueling Southeast Asia’s startup ecosystem.

This year, we’ve seen tons of money poured into the region. In terms of markets, Singapore and Indonesia have figured prominently on investors’ radars (what, with Singapore’s uber wealthy and Indonesia’s huge population, it’s no surprise).

This now begs the question: who are the biggest winners when it comes to raising funds in 2015? We’ve looked into Tech in Asia’s database and here they are in reverse order:

15. DocDoc (Singapore), US$8.5 million

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