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This app has already figured out where you want to go today

Two years ago, Ankur Gupta and his friends were looking for a place to party in Delhi. After scouring the internet for half an hour, they finally found two options. But there was a problem – there were no good dining places nearby. It was a toss-up between fun and food. Ouch.


That, in some ways, was the Eureka moment for Ankur, Abhishek Goel, and Siddharth Kumar, friends for over seven years and engineering college graduates all. They ended up launching StrollUp, a Delhi-based startup that helps create local outings through its app.

“After doing some market research, we saw that a lot of people struggle with the questions, ‘What to do?’ and ‘Where to go?’ So we created a product that would answer these,”

Abhishek, a 25-year-old IIT-Delhi graduate, told Tech in Asia.

The other two co-founders, Ankur and Siddharth, studied computer science at another prestigious college, DCE. Ankur has previously worked with Amazon Appstore.


Their app, StrollUp, finally got off the ground in July this year. It is available in Delhi-NCR and Bangalore and offers a choice of events, movies, food and drink, fun, and sightseeing. The target age group is 18 to 35 in tier one cities.

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