April 16, 2021

Those of us appalled at the Trump admin’s immigration policies expected Biden and his team to eradicate all the anti-immigrant, anti-humane, anti-just immigration practices in one fell swoop. We were naive. From still seizing border land that has been in families for generations, dropping off migrants in obscure rural border towns and immigrant parents searching for their children in US custody, policies haven’t changed quick enough. We ask, will they?; Scientists are on the path of unlocking genetic secrets using an up-and-coming tool; Extreme weather is no longer a “once-in-a-lifetime” occurrence. Each year brings worsening weather events than the year before but some towns are tackling the turn of Mother Nature with innovative ideas that are turning adversity into an advantage. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden promised to stop seizing border wall land. His DOJ is still doing it.

Why The U.S. Government Is Dropping Off Migrants In Rural Arizona Towns

‘Nobody would tell me anything’: Immigrant parents struggle to find children who crossed border alone

Income inequality overlaps with higher Covid rate

Latin AMA stars champion diversity

Scientists are on a path to sequencing 1 million human genomes and use big data to unlock genetic secrets

Sponge parks and vertical gardens – how cities are using nature to overcome extreme weather

Feels is a new dating app with profiles that look more personal

Panama exhumes body looking for victims of 1989 US invasion

Cuba readies for life without Castro

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