August 18, 2021

The ongoing revelation that the country has not traveled far enough from our national roots of prejudice, bias and discrimination rears its ugly head once (twice, thrice) again: New report highlights the disparity chasm in health spending; There’s a long history of how the US made affordable homes illegal; Hundreds of Native American children are sexually abused on reservations. Yet, federal prosecutors just dropped those cases in Indian Country; And for first time in 26 years, there’s a change in the country’s incarceration rate. Go beyond the headlines…

U.S. disparities emerge in health spending figures

How the US made affordable homes illegal

The Simple Steps You Can Take Right Now To Help Afghan Refugees

Federal prosecutors drop hundreds of child sex abuse cases in Indian Country

America’s incarceration rate falls to lowest level since 1995

Climate migrants are ‘invisible’ to many South American countries

Scientists discover a way to ‘sweat’ off fat

Google Maps now shows e-bike and scooter rentals, too

Nicaragua cancels permits for US, European NGOs

Bolivia’s interim government tortured and executed opponents, report says

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