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Crowdfunder: Bringing Aboriginal Entrepreneurs into the Start-up Scene

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Campaign: Pow Wow Pitch: Inspiring Aboriginal Entrepreneurs

Pow Wow Pitch was started 2 months ago in Ottawa, Canada to help Aboriginal entrepreneurs succeed.

At Pow Wow Pitch, 30 entrepreneurs get 1 minute to “pitch” their business idea in front of a panel of celebrity judges.

The judges will chose 10 finalists to continue to the final round.

The 10 finalists will work with a business mentor for 3 hours to perfect their pitch.

The 10 finalists will get 3 minutes to pitch for a 2nd time to the panel of celebrity judges.

3 winners will be chosen.

On Tuesday June 2, 2015 the main funder abruptly pulled the plug on Pow Wow Pitch. With that, went the prize money, contracts, contacts, and the help needed to stage the event.

Now, organizers are scrambling to keep the event on.

Within one week, organizers were able to convince the celebrity judges to stay on; get some high-profile business mentors; get a new website; create new social media and begin rebuilding their volunteer force.

Yet, money is still needed for prizes for an event dedicated to fostering aboriginal entrepreneurialism.

The campaign’s goal is $8,500 CAD for 3 prizes for 3 deserving Aboriginal entrepreneurs.

1st- $5,000, 2nd – $2,500 and 3rd- $1,000.

The campaign ends in 6 days.

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