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Crowdfunder: Bringing fresh air to consumers and a fresh start to world’s orphans

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Campaign: Philanthro: Filters 4 Good

According to UNICEF, the international orphan crisis affects more than 163,000,000 (163 MILLION) children around the world. They range in age from infants to teenagers, all without a family to meet the most basic needs.

Children are orphaned for a wide range of reasons, including war, poverty, natural disasters, and abandonment. If all these children were grouped together, they would constitute the 10th largest country in the world – an entire nation of vulnerable children, left to fend for themselves.

Philanthro is a new brand of air filters with a charitable mission to transform the lives of these orphans and vulnerable children around the world. Every time a Philanthro product is purchased, at least 20% of the proceeds are donated to fund international mission trips and support holistic orphan-care charities.

Most people replace their furnace filters on a regular basis. Furnace filters have traditionally been a boring commodity item purchased from a brand without a compelling mission.

Philanthro is different.

Philanthro furnace filters are not only high-quality but are making a big difference for a child who needs help.

Philanthro filters are engineered to deliver the same (or better) air filtration as the leading brands found at home improvement and other retail stores. Philanthro’s creators been in the heating and air conditioning industry for a long time and they designed Philanthro furnace filters with high standards in mind.

All Philanthro filters carry a MERV 11 rating. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. The higher the MERV, the better the filtration. Philanthro filters help protect against dust, pollen, dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, and lots more.

Philanthro filters come in the most popular sizes to fit the most common household HVAC systems.

Philanthro’s company mission statement is:

To transform the way people purchase products that improve their comfort, health, and happiness, as we transform the lives of orphans and widows around the world.

We believe that we have an important duty to love, protect, and care for the most vulnerable people in our society, and we’ve built a company that channels a large portion of its financial success toward this cause. We strive to provide care for today, and hope for tomorrow, for orphans and vulnerable children around the world by rolling up our sleeves on international orphan care mission trips and by funding select non-profit organizations that develop thoughtful, sustainable programs to make a long-term difference in the lives of these children.

The campaign’s goal is $50,000.

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