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Crowdfunder: Creating a 21st Century curriculum to prepare students to be global citizens

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Campaign: ReGeneration – A Global Citizenship Curriculum

Education today is largely an outdated product of the past century. A fundamental paradigm shift is underway, and a central part of it is providing today’s students with 21st century knowledge, skills, and capacities so they can thrive in their lives, careers, and as global citizens.

An inspired group of educators, social change leaders, entrepreneurs, designers, teachers, youth workers, techies, and everyday global citizens are creating an innovative curriculum for broad-based change: one that inspires teachers, ignites student leadership, and transforms schools and local communities.

The ReGeneration curriculum will provide high school students with a big picture understanding of today’s global challenges and opportunities. They will learn to see the interrelatedness through a multidisciplinary framework that connects science, social studies, and humanities with taking action in the world. It will give students tools and resources to identify solutions and to find their role in transforming their schools, community, and our global society.

The curriculum will be developed over the course of 2015 through extensive research, focus conversations, piloting, and the support of an intergenerational advisory council of educators, teachers, and students.

It will be composed of classroom modules and lesson plans, a teacher guide, a student workbook, and an online learning community. Its pedagogy will include a blend of participatory group process, personal inquiry, small group dialogue, interactive exercises, action learning, and multimedia elements.

Beyond helping the campaign achieve their $50,000 goal, other ways to help include:

  • Share this campaign with your network by email, phone, and social media
  • Like their page on Facebook
  • Connect them with schools, teachers, and partners that you know
  • Join their Crowdfunding Champions team by emailing them directly

Campaign ends December 6.


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