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Crowdfunder: Creating a mural to bridge the gap between Puerto Ricans in New York and on the island

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Three artists from New York, Chicago, and Puerto Rico, a trio with Puerto Rican ROOTS are on a mission to use the language of visual arts to bring community together and bridge the gap between the Puerto Ricans in New York and on the Island.

Using art to document, preserve, educate, and bring awareness strengthens and empowers its people. “Without my Roots, there is no story”/” Sin Mis Raices, No Hay Historia” is a design created by the artist Mia Roman a NuyoRican born in Brooklyn NY from Puerto Rican parents and guided by Chicago/NuyoRican MasterArtist Gamaliel Ramirez.

Her mission is to use art, in this case a community mural, as a tool to build, educate, heal, inspire, and preserve. The design will incorporate the strong roots of African, Taino, and European ancestry.

Mia Roman’s mission is to use ART to tell a story. Her inspiration for this mural is the Divine Feminine, Culture, and Spirituality.

The mural will be a mixed media wall piece with a strong female figure as the basis and foundation, the image… she is a lover, friend, sustainer, birther, Wisdom and life-giver. The artists will be incorporating symbolic offerings such as shells, metals, tiles, glass, beads, etc. a marriage between painting and mosaic.

The artists see that by maintaining a true sense of who they are and where they are will give them the strength to know where they are going.

The mural form was chosen to act as a bridge because murals can help define the cultural identity of a neighborhood, by building goodwill and pride in the community. They give the artists a positive means to express their identity and form a sense of ownership, civic pride, and investment in the community.

By creating community murals the walls are being resurfaced and rehabilitated… they are given new life and energy!

Art projects transform places, change and save lives, transcend differences, and challenge stereotypes. The process will be well documented via photography and video with a vision of creating a documentary short film.

The campaign’s goal is $2,500 and ends on April 3.

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