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HIPGive Campaign: Giving Sanctuary to the Children

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HIPGive Campaign: Giving Sanctuary to the Children

During the 1980s, half a million Central American refugees were denied political asylum. Churches and communities played a pivotal role in reverting this policy and achieved political asylum to the refugees.

The nation is now facing a similar situation and SHARE is working to mobilize communities and churches once again to achieve asylum for Central American refugees.

These refugee children and families have left traumatizing situations of violence, compounded by the journey through Mexico. They arrive tired, shocked, and in need of immediate assistance. The churches and communities can offer a safe space and basic humanitarian aid while also providing legal assistance and policy-changing advocacy.

SHARE strengthens solidarity with and among the Salvadoran people in El Salvador and the United States in the struggle for economic sustainability, justice, and human and civil rights.

SHARE educates churches and communities so that they will open their doors to Central American refugee children and families by ensuring these families receive:

1) Access to basic humanitarian assistance (clothing, food, shelter, mental health, etc.);

2) Have legal representation that will prevent deportation;

3) Gain refugee status through local and national advocacy.

Though the initial goal of $2500 has already been surpassed with only several more days left in the campaign, SHARE has secured matching funds and are working to surpass their original goal to reach the maximum equal matching amount of $5,000!

If they reach $5,000 that amount will be doubled!

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