January 3, 2020

Overnight, Trump ordered the assassination of a top-ranking Iranian general. By all accounts, this man was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans and others but analysts say, unless Trump has a strategy going forward, this could be a costly action for the country. Let’s pray that, for once, this administration actually has a plan. It has to be a better plan than what ICE just did to an undocumented woman who’s lived in the US for 31 years; 4 Navajo Code Talkers died last year. This many remain; and New book project highlights Latin American female writers…Go beyond the headlines.

3 big ways that the US will change over the next decade

America’s war footing

Mother of Army Lieutenant Deported to Mexico after 31 Years in US

Julián Castro, always a long shot, gave Latinos a boost, Democrats a push in 2020 campaign

Border walls are terrible for global trade

4 Navajo Code Talkers Die In 2019, 5 Remain

‘Siempre Selena,’ a photography exhibit, is about to be unveiled at San Antonio’s McNay Art Museum

AI beats human breast cancer diagnosis

Latin American female writers ‘get literary place they deserve’ in new collection

Dying has become a luxury in crisis-ridden Argentina

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