July 13, 2021

For only 7 short months, the world has applauded the US return to the global stage. Yet, for too long, under our very noses, our worst adversaries, China and Russia, have inched closer to our borders by investing and supporting our most vulnerable neighbors. Now, Cuban-Americans are sounding the alarm of these same adversaries against the Cuban people; So, have Americans been paying more for Internet service than the rest of the world?; Immigrants facing deportation have new reason to hope; and Researchers wanting to help new moms just created an app to do that. Go beyond the headlines…

High court ruling gives immigrants facing deportation hope

Cuban Americans in Miami warn China-Russia intervention could cause ‘bloodbath’ in Cuba

Illinois becomes first state to require teaching Asian American history in schools

The true cost of U.S. internet service

When states don’t expand Medicaid, women suffer

How to build a diverse portfolio with zero investing experience

Something is killing U.S. birds. It’s not cicadas

Researchers Develop ‘What About Mom’ App to Help New Mothers

The Hip-Hop Song That’s Driving Cuba’s Unprecedented Protests

How Latin America’s protest superheroes fight injustice and climate change – and sometimes crime, too

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