May 21, 2024

Is it possible for someone to NOT be biased? In my opinion, no. We are shaped by our experiences. They impact our perspectives, our behavior and our interactions with others. That’s why when I entered journalism all those years ago, the edict drilled into every student to be “objective,” I found ironic. Bias is such an ingrained human reaction that it precedes, or filters, our objectivity. We can be objective — present the facts without distorting them, or making them personal or swaying the interpretation — but we can still present more, or less, facts that bolster our ‘objective’ for the story. It may be a mild form of bias but it’s still bias. To be completely unbiased is, in my opinion, is to strive for human perfection. No one is or will ever be perfect. Yet, we can be fair. I think that was the reasoning behind a Pew study that found more Americans want to know the political persuasion of the journalists they’re reading and watching. Is it really to know their political affiliations or is it more associating one party’s behavior to being fairer than the other?; Drones are increasingly being used in science fiction movies as the soldiers of the future. In the Ukraine, the future is now; Are you guilty of whipping out that credit card to pay for groceries? You think you’ll pay if off at the end of the month but the bill keeps mounting — and you’re not alone; When someone passes away, there’s usually a lot of unsaid feelings that die with that person. Not anymore. A new app lets a person text, record a video or audio to send to anyone AFTER death. Puts a whole new spin on who gets the last word. Go beyond the headlines…

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